Independence Day 2006 - a few thoughts

Yesterday was our Independence Day holiday - what does this day mean?To me, it's a reminder that freedom isn't free and that there is nosuch thing as security. It also reminds me that I have the right to doanything I wish, so long as I do not infringe on another's right.Finally, it made me realize that an enemy of the people is notnecessarily an enemy of the state and vice versa.

An example of the last realization is Robin Hood. Robin was an enemy toan illegitimate government, yet he was hero of the people. As forfreedom having a cost, the cost of freedom is not an intrusivegovernment; it is vigilance of the people against an overzealous localgovernment or governments of foreign origin. Any person accepting apolitician’s promise of security in exchange for freedom is theprotagonist in a Faustian drama.

The closest thing we have tosecurity is preparedness. Preparedness is taking active measuresagainst possible risks that one may encounter. For example, if I amgoing to ride a motorcycle, I make sure to don the proper safetyequipment and maintain my vehicle properly. Usually, when one hears ofa motorcycle accident or fatality, it is the result of a sum ofunneeded, unacceptable risks. When I almost died in January of 2001, Ihad left unchecked at least one unacceptable risk: a blown out frontfork. The accident was the culmination of several misfortunes that evenif one were avoided, the accident would not have occurred. Fortunately,I was wearing proper safety equipment, so my accident did not result ina fatality as it would have had I not been wearing a helmet.

Ona final note, United States citizens have an inalienable andconstitutionally protected right to be secure in their homes andpersons…any man who violates this right either directly or indirectlyis an enemy to the people and an enemy to the state that derives it’sauthority through the people it serves.

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"The President and I believe very deeply that there is a hell of a threat," Mr Cheney said, calculating that "the vast majority" of Americans support the Administration's surveillance policies. "And so if there's a backlash pending, I think the backlash is going to be against those who are suggesting somehow we shouldn't take these steps in order to defend the country." - Vice President Dick Cheney

FOIA - NSA spying on Americans, headed by Bush

Straight from the DNC mailing list:

"Have you heard that George Bush is using the National Security Agency to conduct surveillance on American citizens without the consent of any court?

This is specifically against the law. Bush says political appointees in the Justice Department outlined the legal authority to get around the restrictions in our laws and the Constitution, but those legal memos are classified.

I just added my name to a formal Freedom of Information Act request to see these documents. We need to know if the president broke the law, and where this administration thinks the line of its authority is.

You can sign on to the Freedom of Information Act request here:


New beginnings

A new livejournal community was created today...and it is FloridaDems. I will admit right away that I personally lean very far towards being a constitutionalist and have called myself by that name more than a few times, but I believe this is just what the Democratic party needs. It needs decisions based on logic and must fight with reasonable, logical persuasion. It must stop this speeding train of illogic and fear-mongering that is neocon. Even the word itself, neocon, is an oxymoron.

In any event, welcome to FloridaDems!
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